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At Onion home loans and insurance, we would love the opportunity to assist you with your home or investment property finance and insurance needs.

So, what is Onion if it's not the edible type?

Onion is the creation of liked minded people combining their expertise and enthusiasm to establish a fresh, no tears financial services brand.

Onion's key purpose is to make buying or building your new home easy by providing skilled specialists in finance and insurance with extensive knowledge of the housing market and home building sector - to work for you.

We will assist you with all forms of residential finance, including buying an existing home or investment property purchase, refinances as well as new home construction finance.

Why use Onion?

  • We work tirelessly on your behalf to achieve the best possible financial structure with only you and ‘your’ financial future in mind
  • Our established relationship with an extensive range of banks and lenders provides our team of registered financial advisers the tools to service you directly with a personalised and professional service to deliver the right finance package, first up
  • We advise you and manage the entire process from loan approval to move-in whether it be an existing purchase or new build and….
  • All at no cost to you! *

Take the stress away, let our friendly team do the ‘not so fun’ money stuff while you get on with the exciting bits, like choosing or designing your new home!  

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# Onion is paid a commission by the Banks and insurance companies for its services to you. For certain short term bank loan facilities where a commission may not be payable, non-bank lending or other services, we may charge a fee which would be agreed with you in advance.