About Us

What is Onion, if it's not the edible type?

Onion is the creation of a team of like minded people combining their expertise and enthusiasm to establish a fresh, no tears financial services brand. Onion's key purpose is to make buying or building your new home easy by providing skilled specialists in finance and insurance with extensive knowledge of the housing market and home building sector - to work for you.

Why was Onion created?

We know the financial services sector needs to keep improving, to do more for our customers and provide more services and value. So, we asked many of you, would it be helpful if we provided a specialist team, one point of contact, independent of all the banks and lenders, to negotiate on your behalf the best deal we can for your home loan and personal insurance needs.

Your answer was a resounding "yes please", so Onion was born!  

What is our Goal?

To make your financial experience easy and do such a great job, that every customer would recommend us to their closest friend!

Why call it Onion?

Well onions are used in our homes every day, most of us love the added taste experience they give to a range of our meals. So, Onion became our brand and a cute little chap we know as Ollie was created. We felt it fitted, onions add value to a meal for little or no cost and have many layers. Onion is providing more layers of service to our customers and adding to a great experience.

Benefits of dealing with Onion.

  • We are specialists in the field of banking and insurance and are working for you! We will ensure you get only the products and services you need, tailored for your circumstances.
  • You will receive negotiated pricing and best possible terms of approval for your situation.
  • Our established lender relationships provide for a streamlined process. We deal directly with the bank on your behalf or, if you prefer to stay with your own bank, we can deal with them too! 
  • On build projects, we deal directly with the bank and G.J.Gardner throughout the project for you, leaving you to enjoy the creation of your new home or investment property

What else does Onion do?

While of course servicing G.J.Gardner Homes customers is an important focus for Onion, servicing the wider, existing home and investment property market is an equally important focus for us. We arrange finance for existing home and investment property purchases, refinances, house renovations and extensions and much more. Plus, we will attend to any insurance needs you may have to ensure you, your family and property are properly protected.

We look forward to being of assistance and sharing our wealth of experience with you

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