Are LVR restrictions on there way out! Cameron Bagrie comments



Keep an eye on your Mortgage 'Low Equity Margin' – you may be paying too much interest!

Over recent years banks have increasingly employed the practice of adding Low Equity Margins (LEM) to home loan interest rates when they are lending for housing purchases with less than a 20% deposit.

Steady as she goes – we are in good shape! See ANZ’s July Property Focus Summary here

A 2 minute read…Summary covers - Mortgage Borrowing Strategy, Inflation Watch, NZ Property Gauge and Economic Overview.


How Long to Fix - What Would a Savvy Borrower Do?

In recent months movement among mortgage rates has been minimal, and the mortgage curve continues to echo a tick shape, with the sharp low point punctuating the 1-year rate mark. This makes it very clear that the 1-year terms are quite preferable.

Three things young first home buyers need to watch out for


These days if you’re buying a home in your twenties chances are you’ll be smugly feeling like you’re winning in life (even if you’ve had to cut back on morning latte and smashed avo brunches). But beware, there are a few mistakes young home buyers need to watch out for.

National Government launches new $600m housing infrastructure initiative

The government has set up an investment company to encourage building of user-pays trunk infrastructure in Auckland in an effort to speed up certain road and water pipe construction for new housing developments.

Reserve Bank - Debt to Income Ratio’s getting closer

The Reserve Bank has long been concerned about the growth in high Debt to income (DTI) mortgage lending that New Zealand has seen in recent years and the financial risks that it poses.

Your May Fixed Interest Rate Strategy and Market Update

Fixed Interest Rate Strategy – maintain a balance of risk by keeping a portion of your lending on shorter 1 -2 year fixed rates to take advantage of shorter term lower rates however look to lock a larger portion of your lending for at least 3 years to secure longer term certainty