Hot tips if you're renovating to sell in the current market

With the current combo of cheap lending and subdued property values, in today’s market the idea of renovating to sell needs to be carefully considered. 

Rising demand for rentals puts pressure on tenants - opportunity for Investors

Rising demand for rental properties across the country is making it tough for tenants and stock is struggling to keep up, according to the latest Trade Me Rental Price Index.

Using Kiwisaver for a Home Deposit

We all know how hard it is for first home buyers to get into the housing market, particularly with rising house prices dictating the need for higher deposits.This has made Kiwisaver a vital part of a deposit for first home buyers.

Are LVR restrictions on their way out! Cameron Bagrie comments



Keep an eye on your Mortgage 'Low Equity Margin' – you may be paying too much interest!

Over recent years banks have increasingly employed the practice of adding Low Equity Margins (LEM) to home loan interest rates when they are lending for housing purchases with less than a 20% deposit.

Steady as she goes – we are in good shape! See ANZ’s July Property Focus Summary here

A 2 minute read…Summary covers - Mortgage Borrowing Strategy, Inflation Watch, NZ Property Gauge and Economic Overview.


How Long to Fix - What Would a Savvy Borrower Do?

In recent months movement among mortgage rates has been minimal, and the mortgage curve continues to echo a tick shape, with the sharp low point punctuating the 1-year rate mark. This makes it very clear that the 1-year terms are quite preferable.

Three things young first home buyers need to watch out for


These days if you’re buying a home in your twenties chances are you’ll be smugly feeling like you’re winning in life (even if you’ve had to cut back on morning latte and smashed avo brunches). But beware, there are a few mistakes young home buyers need to watch out for.