Don't Let the Bank Beat Your Balance Down

Contrary to popular belief, bank fees aren’t always something you have simply suck up and deal with. Here are some helpful reminders designed to help minimise bank fees and bolster your bank balance.
Avoid charges for going into overdraft or exceeding your agreed limit by making sure you have a realistic overdraft facility.
Check your balances regularly to make sure you stay well on top of how much money is in your account and don’t drift into deficit.
Choose a credit card that works for you – review your usage and, if suitable, go for one of the many cards that offer lower interest rates.
Look at switching to a debit card, and cancel out interest charges completely.
Try not to pay interest on hire purchases by doing all you can to clear the debt in the interest free period.
Consider consolidating your personal loans, credit cards and any other debts into one single loan at a lower interest rate.