Home and Contents Insurance

If your home was damaged or some of your personal belongings were stolen, would you have the money to repair your home and replace your possessions?
Get the right cover now.


Why choose Onion Home & Contents Insurance?

Fully brokered cover

We deal with multiple insurers to get you the right price with the right cover. Unlike our competitors one size does not fit all.  Some of the great optional benefits include:


Your home is covered – even if you’re not there

If your home is unoccupied for up to 90 days there’s no need to let us know – you will still be insured, offering you more flexibility to travel or enjoy a long holiday.


Expand and improve your property

You enjoy automatic cover up to $15,000 for new structures including garages, sheds and gazebos that are separate to your existing home.

The policy also offers cover on fixtures and fittings when being restored, repaired or renovated.


Home Office Cover

The home policy is extended to cover any part of the home used as a home office.  Under the contents policy the policy is extended to cover up to $15,000 of office furniture and office equipment owned by you.


Jewellery Cover

Policies are often limited to $3,000 per jewellery item. Higher limits on jewellery are available.


Your garden is covered

If damage is caused to your garden, you can claim for the loss – even if your home is undamaged.  You will have the chance to re-establish your garden with new landscaping, plants and materials.


Reassurance for you and your family

If the home cannot be lived in following a loss to the home the policy is extended to cover reasonable costs for temporary alternative accommodation.

A Stress payment will also be offered if the home is uneconomical to repair.


Sustainability upgrade

In the unfortunate event of a total loss some policies may offer replacement whatever the cost, conditions apply.