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Covid-19 support: what's the best option for you?


Well, things have certainly become somewhat 'disjointed' as this COVID virus impacts our lives. The first point we would make however is that the Financial Advice industry of which Onion is a part, is here to assist you get through this event.

Using Kiwisaver for a Home Deposit

We all know how hard it is for first home buyers to get into the housing market, particularly with rising house prices dictating the need for higher deposits.This has made Kiwisaver a vital part of a deposit for first home buyers.

How Long to Fix - What Would a Savvy Borrower Do?

In recent months movement among mortgage rates has been minimal, and the mortgage curve continues to echo a tick shape, with the sharp low point punctuating the 1-year rate mark. This makes it very clear that the 1-year terms are quite preferable.

Three things young first home buyers need to watch out for


These days if you’re buying a home in your twenties chances are you’ll be smugly feeling like you’re winning in life (even if you’ve had to cut back on morning latte and smashed avo brunches). But beware, there are a few mistakes young home buyers need to watch out for.

Your May Fixed Interest Rate Strategy and Market Update

Fixed Interest Rate Strategy – maintain a balance of risk by keeping a portion of your lending on shorter 1 -2 year fixed rates to take advantage of shorter term lower rates however look to lock a larger portion of your lending for at least 3 years to secure longer term certainty

Don't Let the Bank Beat Your Balance Down

Contrary to popular belief, bank fees aren’t always something you have simply suck up and deal with. Here are some helpful reminders designed to help minimise bank fees and bolster your bank balance.

Is Owning a Holiday Home a Wise Invetment?

For many of us owning a holiday home may seem key to embracing the Kiwi dream, but is purchasing a holiday home really a financially savvy move? If you’re eyeing up a holiday retreat there are a few things you need to consider up front.

First and foremost, can you actually afford it?

Get a Head Start on a Healthy and Wealthy 2017

Nobody wants to be stressed about money, especially at this time of year! Pay heed to this advice and you should be able to steer clear of financial stress over the festive season – and set 2017 up to be your best year yet.

Your Fixed Interest Rate Strategy

Although there has been little change to floating mortgage rates, rates with terms of 2 years and longer continue to move gradually higher. This has occurred largely as a result of higher global interest rates (which tend to have a larger influence on New Zealand longer-term rates than local factors do), and rising funding costs.