Welcome to Onion Home Loans – your Construction Finance Partner

At Onion home loans and insurance, we not only service your every need for existing home or property purchases, we will also manage your entire build finance process for you. In fact, you could say construction finance is our pedigree from which existing property funding has become a natural progression.

Our origin began with our close relationship with G.J. Gardner Homes (New Zealand’s No.1 home builder) a number of years ago. This relationship has grown stronger and stronger as G.J. clients see the benefit of having specialists in construction finance advise and guide them on their exciting new home build journey. They frequently say to us, why would we endure the stress and hassle of dealing with the finance side of things when Onion will do all this for us and....it doesn't cost us anything! Perfect! We can also deal with your bank on your behalf - a win / win, you get to stay with your bank and we do all the work!

Our team have a high degree of specialisation in the field of construction finance which, together with our continual pursuit of service excellence, is the key to ensuring you have a seamless and stress free build experience. While we do the work, you can be enjoying the fun of designing your dream home or simply enjoy more leisure time with your loved ones. 

By using our friendly team at Onion to arrange and manage your finance process, we will:

  • Provide professional guidance so you know exactly what to expect with your build process
  • Arrange your finance to ensure you receive a solution specific for your requirements. There are many different options in the market, not all are necessarily suitable for your particular needs
  • Negotiate pricing and best possible terms of approval
  • Negotiate terms of your build contract between G.J. Gardner and the bank. This is an important aspect to ‘get right’ at the beginning to avoid complications later in the build process
  • Arrange any valuation requirements and manage your progress payments throughout the build, ensuring all aspects are correctly reconciled
  • Structure your loan facilities at completion for maximum interest savings and efficiency to have you mortgage free in the shortest possible time plus….
  • All this at no cost to you! #

Call or contact us today and we will be in touch!

# Onion is paid a commission by the Banks and insurance companies for its services to you. For certain short term bank loan facilities where a commission may not be payable, non-bank lending or other services, we may charge a fee which would be agreed with you in advance.