What are the advantages of me dealing with you versus directly with a Bank or other lender

  • We will take the time to understand your particular circumstances then source a finance package and lender that suits your specific requirements. There are many different Banks and lenders offering loan products in the market, it is our job to know what products and services are on offer and the potential ‘glitches’ that one option may present versus another, often not obvious to an inexperienced borrower.
  • We save you the time required to research the market and save you the risk of getting it wrong. Furthermore, we will often be able to secure a better deal than you may be able to by going direct and better still.....any Bank facilities we arrange for you won’t cost you a thing! The Bank pays our fee.
  • We will ensure all relevant information is presented with appropriate commentary and analysis to ensure you have the best chance of approval...first time! This is particularly relevant if you are self employed, we will give you the best chance! 
  • We will structure your lending to allow you the opportunity to save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest savings over the term of your mortgage, plus a considerable reduction in the term of your mortgage 
  • At Onion , we’ll provide you with advice tailored for ‘your’ benefit, not a generic solutions designed for the masses