What documents do I need for you to assess my borrowing power

To allow us to make an initial assessment, we will need to know:

  • Your regular before tax income (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or whatever form is easiest for you)
  • Details of your regular outgoings – other loans, hire purchases, subscriptions, credit card limit, insurances, child maintenance, rent plus any other outgoings you may have
  • Details of cash deposit sources, equity you may intend to use in other property or guarantee support
  • Details of any credit discrepancies you may have incurred in the past

We can work through this for you over the phone. Whilst we can give you a general feel of your borrowing power from information you supply, we will need supporting documents in due course in order that we can ensure we have the right information and provide you with accurate guidance. Don’t be put off by what may look like a lot of information, when you break it down, it really isn’t that bad! By having this documentation, we then know we are on the right track and reduce the risk of any surprises later on!

We can then set to and assess your borrowing power plus start looking around the market for the best deal that suits your needs. By structuring your loan the right way, we could save you thousands on your home loan.

If you prefer, go to our Calculators and Tools section and assess your own budget and loan repayments